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  • Educate Yourself About Oral Cancer Symptoms and Screenings

Educate Yourself About Oral Cancer Symptoms and Screenings

Are you aware of common signs and symptoms associated with oral and throat cancer? If you are suffering from oral and throat cancer, it probably means that there is some sort of issue with your mouth. If you are having any visual clues and symptoms of abnormalities and irregularities in your throat or face, it could be linked to oral and throat cancer. Make sure to visit your dentist for oral cancer screenings to ensure the condition has not taken hold.

In order to ensure that your smile gets the care it deserves, always inspect your mouth for any signs and visual clues that something is amiss. If your suffering from oral and throat cancer, oftentimes, there are several distinct symptoms that can arise. However, you should realize this is not the only indication of whether or not oral and throat cancer is present, as it may not include any symptoms at all.

Typically, visual clues often arise if you are suffering from oral cancer. This can include inflammation in your mouth as well as the presence of lumps, bumps or rough sores, eroded areas, and patches. If the patches in your mouth are irregularly colored or seem velvety, it could be a sign of oral cancer. Furthermore, if you are routinely suffering from unexplained bleeding or persistent sores that continue both in your mouth and around your facial areas, it could be a sign of oral cancer. If any of these visual clues are present, visit your dentist for an oral cancer screening.

If there is anything more you wish to know about oral and throat cancer, contact our dental office in Houston, Texas. Furthermore, you are welcome to schedule an appointment at Hermann Park Smiles by calling us at (713) 522-1717. Dr. Sharel Sly looks forward to providing you with an oral cancer screening.

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