Is that Black Spot on My Tooth a Cavity or Something Else? What to do?

Aug 30, 20221006 Views

Tooth discoloration can happen to anyone, even if you’re a strict follower of quality oral care. The discolored spot can lower your self-confidence and signify issues like tooth decay, be it yellow, grey, brown, or yellow. Fortunately, you can treat the black spot on your tooth by identifying the cause. Keep reading this blog for […]

Cavity Vs. Stain: What Is That Spot on Your Tooth?

Aug 15, 2022285 Views

You might have noticed a spot on your teeth but can’t determine if it’s a cavity or a stain. Oral care is essential, and knowing what that spot is can help you deal with it better. This is why we will mention the differences between cavity vs. stain in this blog. The Main Difference Between […]

Do You Suspect Bone Loss in Teeth?

Jul 30, 2022507 Views

Chewing and biting not only help you eat your food, but they also stimulate bone growth in your teeth and jaw. However, if you no longer have a natural tooth, it can lead to bone loss. The absence of natural teeth can cause the surrounding bone to resorb and decompose. As a result, we can […]

Do You Know The Signs of Infection After Root Canal?

Jul 15, 202280 Views

Each tooth has a collection of soft tissues at its center, called the pulp. The pulp contains nerves and blood vessels necessary for our tooth’s health and growth. Sometimes, damage or infection due to tooth decay or other causes reaches the tooth’s pulp. Consequently, we experience pain and undergo a dental procedure called a root […]

4 Tips To Get Rid Of Cavities In Between Teeth

Jun 30, 2022521 Views

It is not easy to find cavities hidden between the teeth since they are not visually in the clear zone. This hidden trouble is called interproximal cavities; they look and require treatment just like regular ones. If you are worried about a cavity between your molars or any other teeth, talk to your dentist about […]

Is The Bump on My Tongue An Inflamed Taste Bud?

Jun 15, 2022781 Views

It is your taste bud on the tongue surface that helps you figure out the flavors, whether sweet, sour, savory, salty, bitter, etc. Sometimes because of external factors or other reasons, you may have an inflamed taste bud; what to do in that case? Let’s find out. Every now and then, the taste bud can […]



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