Why Do Lie Bumps Appear On The Tongue?

Apr 15, 2022381 Views

Transient lingual papillitis, or TLP for short, is the scientific name given to lie bumps on the tongue. These are tiny white or red in color bumps that grow on the outer surface of your tongue. These bumps rise quite frequently. However, the good news for us is that this issue quickly resolves itself without […]

Teeth Whitening 101 – Tips For You

Mar 15, 2022318 Views

Everyone wants a bright smile and pearly white’s front line, and it’s troublesome to keep up with dental cleaning with braces. But “how to whiten teeth with braces?” is there a way? Read to find out your answer. Food and drinks are triggers for teeth staining. However, braces themselves also threaten shiny white teeth. Regular […]

I Have Cut On The Gums – Is It A Dental Emergency?

Feb 28, 202271 Views

Gums are layers of soft tissues that wrap the upper and lower jaw bone surrounding the teeth. They are also known as gingiva; they are soft and delicate and easily suffer from bruises. Their fragility is what makes them prone to bleed. Even a small cut on the gums may cause heavy bleeding. However, do […]

How To Clean Invisalign? 5 Methods Detailed For You

Feb 15, 2022224 Views

Aligning misplaced teeth changes how you smile and is also beneficial for dental health. While few individuals go for traditional methods like braces, some opt for newer ones – Invisalign. They are easy to wear, carry and clean too. Here’s what makes invisalign distinct from other treatments. Why is Invisalign Important? Damaged teeth, bite issues, […]

Gap In Teeth – Top 6 Reasons Why You Might Have It

Jan 30, 2022401 Views

Diastema – Gap In The Teeth The space present between the teeth is called diastema. They are present anywhere in your teeth line but most commonly found between the front 2 incisors. This issue is prevalent amongst children and adults. Usually, the gap between the teeth develops at the early age of 5 years or […]

Is Coffee Bad For Your Teeth? Here’s The Real Answer.

Jan 15, 202265 Views

There is a lot of opinion surrounding whether coffee is bad for your teeth. But should you sacrifice your morning cup of joe for the greater benefit of your oral health? Or can you maintain your morning ritual and enjoy a cup of coffee to energize you for the day ahead? This article will explore […]